Electrical Engineer

About Me

Ever since I started playing with my brother's legos and his NES, I have been obsessed with the mechanisms that influence our daily activities. I have always felt a tremendous exuberance in studying the way things work. Therefore, it isn't much of a surprise that I recently graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Engineering from Hope College. I am currently working as a Firmware/Software Design Engineer at Westshore Design in Holland, MI.

Electrical Engineer

My love for engineering was best exemplified by my involement in several research and volunteering opportunities for the engineering, computer science, and psychology departments at Hope College. I also gained social interest through my involvement as the president of the Hope College Engineering Club, which dedicates its time to create social venues for engineering students, interacts with other department clubs, and works as a liaison with the engineering department. All of these opportunities have provided me years of great collaborative experience, preparation of project work planning, and excellent fundamental principles of electrical engineering theory.


I love computers. Ever since I ran my first MS-DOS command to play SimCity.exe in grade school, I have been overly fascinated by the computing machines that run our world. While I did some web scripting in high school, it wasn't until my sophomore year in college that I seriously decided to pursue my interests in programming. After only a few years of taking classes, I have worked on a half dozen projects utilizing object oriented programming in Java and web development projects in HTML, CSS, and PHP. I have also applied my programming knowledge to improve my productivity with engineering projects, including working with microcontrollers, building programs to run simulation and graph data, and creating shortcuts to optimize work with computer aided engineering software.

Electronics Enthusiast

Whenever there is free time, I devote most of it towards personal electronic projects. Most of my electronic projects involve Arduino or Microchip microcontrollers, but can also incorporate simpler tasks like electronic repairs. Some of my past electronics projects can be found on my portfolio page, while the rest are posted on my blog.