Electrical Engineer

My Highlighted Projects

Solar Tracker

For my senior project I worked on a dual axis solar tracker assembly system. The system held a 65W panel which powered the controls and battery. The sensor system and motor controls were designed from stratch.


I am currently setting up a github repository of all of my recent programming projects. I will post a link once it is done!

Equation Sheet

In two weeks, I was able to negotiate feedback with faculty to design an equation sheet for the Hope College Engineering Department.

Custom Login Screen

Using GIMP and a simple batch file, I was able to change all of the Hope College Engineering Department's computers in a matter of minutes.

LCD TV Repair

I fixed an old LCD TV by replacing its tcon board. I am particularly proud of this simple project because I used my circuit analysis knowledge to find the problem.

Spicy Omelet Page

In the summer of 2013, I created a web design template for a company named SpicyOmelet Enterprises. It was my first web page from scratch in which I learned a great deal about software development.